“The Alpha Course scuppered that age-old notion that religion is a topic best avoided over a good dinner in civilized company. Being served a delicious meal to share felt like an indulgence and provided the opportunity to make new friends. What soon became clear was how well this set a relaxed, confident frame of mind that especially rewarded our talk in groups. I found it a great boost to be able to share questions and listen to others' beliefs in an atmosphere that invited us to ask the imponderables.

"The talks by Philip and Sarah filled many gaps in my knowledge, inspired new ideas and suggested useful practical steps to help develop one's faith. Just as the course avoided defining a singular approach, the key lesson I took was that a Christian life isn't prescribed but begins by putting Jesus at the centre. It really felt like our talks kickstarted the habit of thinking through that prism. If our attempts to mine the big questions didn’t always reach a final conclusion, they always provided a cliffhanger till the following week and - now the course is finished - fuel for the journey.”