"Our move to Claygate in 2011 was inspired by the great community spirit we felt whenever visiting here. I've always believed that church is at the heart of a community and our attendance at HTC, slow to start, became more regular.

"With the arrival of our daughter, we joined the baptism course. The promises I was required to make as a parent really got me thinking and I realised that despite growing up as a regular church-goer, as an adult I was no longer religious and had many questions. After the course I read a lot of books and scoured websites either defending, promoting or (dare I say it) against Christianity. Over 6 months later, we baptised our daughter and whilst it was a wonderful day of celebration for her, I also felt a huge sense of personal hope for the future; restoring my own faith and improving my own relationship with God.

"Alpha was the next part of my journey. It presented a relaxed and informal setting, a way to meet likeminded people, to understand more, to listen to others and to share thoughts. No questions felt awkward to ask and I’m grateful to have met some really lovely people. Sessions on Grace and the Holy Spirit were ‘winners’ for me, reminding me of the unconditional love God has for me. Also, the cross and all it stands for now means far more to me now. Long may my journey of faith continue."