Small Groups

Small groups are a central part of our church fellowship. Our small groups are always glad to welcome new members - and if you would like to know more about joining a group please contact Katherine Willis.

We have 28 small groups here at HTC, and each group is different. Some groups meet weekly, others fortnightly; some in the daytime and others in the evenings, on various days of the week. Some groups focus on a particular age group or are single-sex groups, whilst others have a much broader membership drawn from across our church family. Each group is led by one or two mature Christians, and most groups meet in the leaders' home.

During Autumn 2018 we will be studying the book of Romans together.

Our vision is for small groups to be upward, inward and outward:


developing members' faith in God through Bible study, prayer and service


providing fellowship, pastoral care and prayer for each member of the group


primary places for the nurture and encouragement of service and practical discipleship, as well as places of committed prayer for HTC mission partners