A word from the Associate Vicar

It is my privilege to serve as Associate Vicar of Holy Trinity Claygate.

Claygate is a great village to live in. Yes it has good local shops and beautiful surrounding countryside, but the best thing about is the people and the way they make time and space to be a community together.

And within Claygate Holy Trinity is a special community to be part of. I love the fact that it is home to people of all ages – from babies to people in their 90s. I love the fact that it is a place where the message of the Bible is clearly taught, but where all are welcome to explore Christian faith for themselves. I love the way people encourage and support one another. I love the way people serve our village and community in so many ways. I love the way we start each day with prayer. And I love the way Jesus is at the heart of everything we do.

We don’t get everything right. I certainly don’t. But we know a God who loves us, forgives us and helps us keep going.

So I would be delighted to welcome you to HTC. You will find our doors open every day. You will find daily and weekly activities to suit everybody. You will find friendly faces and listening ears. But I hope you will find more. My hope, my prayer is that you will find a community where you can explore faith, encounter God and choose to live your life following him.