Faith in Action Community Development supports the rural community of Katete in Western Uganda, with grants, funds and expertise to aid its communal initiatives.

It arose from the vision of one person, Faith Aguha, a member of HTC, who grew up in Katete before coming to the UK in 2002. For many years, Faith has supported some of the poorest children through education in this impoverished, remote community.

A board of Trustees run the charity, chaired by Linda Morgan, one of HTC’s Ministers.

Thanks to the support of Holy Trinity Claygate and others, Katete now has:

  • A reliable supply of clean drinking water, which means healthier children.
  • 60 children attending its recently built Isaiah nursery and primary school.
  • 30 children being sponsored through school and further education.
  • Its own vibrant church and adult literacy classes.

AND the Katete community has an exciting future ahead!

  • They’re making a shelter to create a second classroom.
  • They’re introducing cash crops to give more people a livelihood.
  • They’re hoping to build a home for their Lay Minister and his family.

This impoverished, once fractured community is now starting to pull together.

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Children from the Isaiah Nurse

Children from the Isaiah Nursery

Clean Water Healthier Children

Cleaner water, healthier children