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Holly Byles

Contact: hollybyles@htclaygate.org

Works with: YF and Pathfinders

Hi, my name is Holly. Thanks for checking out our website. I am a lover of games, baking and good coffee. I’m a mum to two small people and a wife to Mark. I love a good chat and am here to be a listening ear or a word of encouragement when it’s needed. If you are new here and are thinking of checking out our groups but are unsure, get in touch and we can have a chat and maybe go for a coffee (win).

Holly is the Youth Minister here at Holy Trinity Claygate.


Aileen Collyer

Works with: Youth Fellowship



Louise Crudgington

Works with: Youth Fellowship



Simon Crudgington

Works with: Youth Fellowship



Josh Helen

Works with: Pathfinders


nicky 2

Nicky Hornzee

Works with: Pathfinders

Hi I'm Nicky, wife of Adrian, Mum to Felicity, Juliette and Alice. Often found in the kitchen, or else on one of the local running trails. I love seeing the way that God is working in the young people of HTC!