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Poverty is falling. As many countries grow richer, 17,000 fewer children under five die each day now than in 1990. That's a wonderful fact which you might need a moment to digest.
But we're at a tipping point. Our economy is fueling inequality and damaging the planet, and that's already hitting the poorest hardest. if we carry on consuming at the rate we do we'll push people pack into poverty.
It's hurting neighbours of ours like Agnes who farms a small plot in Malawi. 
'The climate has changed drastically. In the past people would plant their maize crop on October 15. And surely, on the same day or the next day, the rains would fall. Some people used to have three granaries of maize because there was so much harvest. Nowadays some of our children do not even know what a maize granary looks like.' 
But Tearfund has a dream it doesn't have to be this way. It's our calling as the church: disciples following Jesus where the need is greatest. Come and explore how you can be part of a movement of ordinary heroes who think differently, live more simply and speak up.


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